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WNY Prosperity Fellows

Generously supported by the Prentice Family Foundation, the Western New York (WNY) Prosperity Fellowship is a program dedicated to supporting promising University at Buffalo students who are committed to contributing to the economic viability of the Western New York Region. The program delivers on this promise by providing Prosperity Fellows with professional development opportunities, as well as resources and access to WNY business leaders and the community.

This fellowship program assists undergraduate and graduate students who are actively preparing for careers that further economic development and growth, especially in the Western New York region. Applications are being accepted until February 5, 2017.

Overview of the Fellowship Experience

  • Prosperity Fellows will be affiliated with like-minded individuals that show promise to be leaders in their industry and community.
  • Up to $25,000 in scholarship and internship support for an academic year will be awarded to each Fellow based on demonstrated financial need.  This support is intended to offset tuition and related academic costs (room and board, book allowance, etc.) for a full academic year and requires a summer internship. Unmet need is defined as each student’s total cost less the expected family contribution and all additional scholarships, grants and federal loans. The FAFSA will define the expected family contribution.
  • Summer internships will cover the cost of summer internship tuition and fees.
    • In addition, for internships without employer compensation or with compensation less than the average hourly internship pay rate, the Fellowship will confer an award that lifts the student's hourly pay up to the defined hourly rate:
    • For undergraduate internships, the defined hourly rate is an average hourly pay rate of $12 per hour x 30 hours per week x 10 weeks ($3,600); and
    • For graduate internships, the defined hourly rate is an average hourly pay rate of $15 per hour x 30 hours per week x 10 weeks ($4,500).
  • Fellows will receive consistent WNY development-focused internship support, including paid summer internships (including tuition and fees) in the eight county Western New York region.  Fellows will also participate in facilitated informal discussions (three anticipated throughout the summer) to share and reflect upon internship experiences.   A final reception will be held to celebrate completion of the internships.
  • A networked, cohort-specific enrichment experience (Winter Session Seminar) will enhance Fellows’ professional development skills and improve their capacity to engage effectively with the Western New York community. 
  • Fellows will benefit from specially designed soft-skills development programming to support Fellows’ successful transition from Academia to the Professional arena.
  • Fellows will receive complimentary membership and access to attend meetings/trainings sponsored by Buffalo Niagara Partnership 360 program, Emerging Business Leaders, and the WNY Venture Association bi-monthly meetings.
  • The Western New York Prosperity Program Enrichment Fund is intended to provide financial support to Prosperity Fellows seeking to participate in experiential learning opportunities related to their academic interests and that meet the WNY Prosperity Fellowship program outcomes for Fellows. This grant is available only to University at Buffalo students who are in good standing in the WNY Prosperity Fellowship Program. The maximum award amount is $1,000.

The fellowship is awarded to students who demonstrate their commitment to the Western New York community. It is open to all undergraduates and select graduate programs including students in the School of Management and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Please review the application process to learn more about how to apply.

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