Seminar Experience

Students are highly encouraged to select an Academies affiliated UB Seminar. The UB Seminar is the entryway to your UB education. These are “big ideas” courses taught by our most distinguished faculty in small seminar settings.

Academies seminars are taught by our Academic Directors and distinguished UB faculty to provide students with mentored opportunities to explore ideas and issues in and outside the classroom. This is a great way to get to know faculty on campus and start building friendships with students who share similar interests.

Course information can be found below, but students should apply to the Academies to be enrolled in a seminar. Questions can be directed to the Academies at 716-645-8177 or via email at

Sustainability #1

  • Course #: PUB 199: Health – You, Me or We?
  • Instructor: Professor Marc Kiviniemi
  • Time: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:00–12:50 p.m.

As individuals, we are often concerned with our own health ? we want to be as healthy as possible, worry about getting sick, and try to manage our physical, mental, and social well being in a variety of ways. As a society, we are often concerned with our health and others? health ? current events like global epidemics, the spread of obesity and its health consequences, controversy over health care reform, just to name a few, highlight the importance of health in many social contexts. In this course, we will use big ideas from public health to explore individual and societal concerns about health. In particular, we will use the lens of public health to understand explain and address three big issues: mandatory vaccination (should parents be required to vaccinate their children?), health disparities (why does health depend on things like education, income, and race/ethnicity), and health care reform (should people be required to have health insurance and how do we pay for it?).

Sustainability #2

  • Course #: GLY 199: Global Warming
  • Instructor: Professor Jason Briner
  • Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00–3:30 p.m.

Global warming is the largest environmental issue global society has ever faced. Global warming affects sea level rise, storm frequency, droughts and potentially even wild winter weather experienced in Buffalo. Despite climate change costing global economies trillions of dollars, there is reluctance to alter ways of life and even plain denial that climate change relates to human activities. This UB Seminar focuses on the big and often controversial topic of global warming. Students will explore the science, impacts and mitigation of both global and local climate change through lectures, exercises, in-class activities, discussion and debate.

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