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The Sustainability Academy’s mission is to promote sustainability and the balance between ecological integrity, economic development and social equity.

Academies students learn about sustainable practices by examining the subject academically and by pursuing sustainability initiatives in their own lives. Under the guidance of Academic Director, Kenneth Shockley, Associate Professor of Philosophy, students will:

  • Learn about efforts at sustainability at the personal, local, national and global levels
  • Develop an awareness of the interdependence of the ecological, the economic, and the social, and communicate this awareness to the broader academic and nonacademic community.
  • Develop a personal philosophy of sustainability through examination of our own attitudes and behaviors
  • Enhance their ability to creatively solve problems in a collaborative setting
  • Examine sustainability efforts on campus and in the surrounding community, and use those efforts to develop new sustainability initiatives
  • Recognize the relationship between the university and its surrounding social and ecological environment

Links and Resources

  • The UB Office of Sustainability will be a close partner of the Undergraduate Academies, providing students with the opportunity to become sustainably literate through learning about locally and globally sustainable challenges.
  • Students looking to connect their sustainable passions with an academic program have a diverse array of courses and programs to choose from.
  • The Sustainability Academy connections extend beyond campus as well. Previous excursions to the Massachusetts Avenue Project and PUSH Buffalo have positioned the Academies to continue and strengthen partnerships with the Western New York and Buffalo community.
  • Current partnerships with the Western New York Environmental Alliance and One Region Forward provide internship and outreach opportunities for students and friends of the academies.

Faculty List

  • Jim Jensen, Academic Director of the Sustainability Academy
  • Diana Aga, Professor, Chemistry
  • Alex Anas, Frank H. and Josephine L. Goodyear Professor, Economics
  • Sean Bennett, Professor, Geography
  • Martha Bohm, Assistant Professor, Sustainability, School of Architecture and Planning
  • Jason Briner, Associate Professor, Geology
  • Mary-Alice Coffroth, Professor, Geology
  • Andrea Costantino, Director of Campus Living
  • Lee Dryden, Director, Department of SSI Degree Programs, Social Sciences
  • Sanford Geffner, Lecturer, Environmental Studies, SSI Programs
  • Al Gilewicz, Director of Utilities, Department of University Facilities
  • Himanshu Grover, Assistant Professor, Urban & Regional Planning, School of Architecture and Planning
  • Trina Hamilton, Associate Professor, Geography
  • Berat Haznedaroglu, Assistant Professor, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Daniel Hess, Associate Professor, Urban & Regional Planning, School of Architecture and Planning
  • David Scott Mackay, Professor, Department of Geography
  • Sara Metcalf, Associate Professor, Department of Geography
  • Ryan McPherson, Chief Sustainability Officer, Office of Sustainability
  • Robert Shibley, Dean and Professor, Architecture and Planning, School of Architecture and Planning
  • James Simon, Associate Environmental Educator, Sustainability, UB Green
  • Jennifer Zirnheld, Director and Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, Energy Systems Institute

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