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The Research Exploration Academy’s mission is to enhance the undergraduate research experience at UB by preparing undergraduate students for future research endeavors and enhancing leadership skills.

One of the best assets of a large research university like UB is the ability to experience cutting-edge research. “Research” isn’t exclusively pursued in the realm of “science.” Physicists and biologists conduct research, but so do historians and scholars of English literature. The Research Academy experience introduces students to the various ways research is conducted at UB and encourages them to pursue their own research opportunities.

The Research Exploration Academy is an inclusive and diverse community of student and faculty scholars that fosters and rewards creativity and collaboration. Under the direction of Academic Director, Dr. Peter Horvath, Associate Professor, Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, students:

  • Develop their own working definition of “research”
  • Improve critical and constructive thinking skills
  • Understand the ethics involved in conducting research
  • Identify UB departments and schools where active research is conducted
  • Learn to utilize UB library resources to conduct research using available literature
  • Utilize new advances in technology and the world wide web to effectively conduct research
  • Critically evaluate popular literature as it reports on results of research

Faculty List

  • Peter Horvath, Academic Director, Research Exploration Academy
  • Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen, Professor, Geography
  • H. Austin Booth, Director, Collections, University Libraries
  • Diane Christian, SUNY Distinguished Professor, English
  • Tracy Gregg, Associate Professor, Geology
  • Krista Hanypsiak, Administrative Director, University Honors College
  • Janet Morrow, Professor and Associate Chair, Chemistry
  • Peter Nickerson, Professor, Director, Pathology Graduate Program
  • Thomas A. Russo, Professor, Medicine; Microbiology and Immunology
  • Albert Titus, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Center for Biomedical Engineering
  • Tim Tryjankowski, Director, CURCA
  • Doreen Wackeroth, Associate Professor, Physics
  • Gail Willsky, Associate Professor, Biochemistry

Last updated: September 27, 2016 4:09 pm EST