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The Global Perspectives Academy’s mission is to explore how we connect with others around the world through a greater awareness of international affairs and an understanding of the global challenges of the twenty-first century.

The Global Perspectives Academy is a diverse community of students and faculty committed to exploring international affairs and enhancing campus awareness of the ways in which our global society is truly interdependent.

Under the guidance of Academic Director Dr. Colleen Culleton, Associate Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literature, students learn to:

  • Develop an awareness as a citizen of a rapidly globalizing world
  • Gain an understanding for the processes that connect people around the world
  • Discover the shared interests of nations and cultures around the globe, while respecting that each has distinct characteristics and histories
  • Understand the importance of international cooperation and conflict
  • Develop skills that prepare students for international experiences and prepare them for an increasingly global labor market
  • Use the opportunities available at UB to immerse themselves in the world outside the United States

Study Abroad Scholarship

NEW FOR SPRING 2017: The UB Academies Study Abroad Scholarship provides a financial award to support your pursuit of one of the Academies-affiliated study abroad programs. Evaluation is based on how active you have been in the UB Academies and how well the study abroad program fits into your academic program. Scholarship recipients will be expected to work with the Academies staff within one semester of their return to generate content for the Academies website that reflects on their experience abroad. Please apply via this PDF by April 1, 2017.

Faculty List

  • Colleen Culleton, Academic Director, Global Perspectives Academy and Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literature
  • David Fertig, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics
  • Stephen Dunnett, Professor, Graduate School of Education
  • David Engel, SUNY Distinguished Service Professor, School of Law
  • Phyllis Floro, Associate Director, Intercultural & Diversity Center
  • Christopher Hollister, Senior Assistant Librarian
  • Shaun Irlam, Professor, Department Chair, Comparative Literature
  • James N. Jensen, Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Jeanette Ludwig, Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Natalie Simpson, Associate Professor, Operations Management and Strategy
  • Kristin Stapleton, Associate Professor, Department of History
  • Claude Welch, SUNY Distinguished Service Professor, Political Science

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