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Extension Learning

Extension Learning Experiences offers UB students a curricular-based intersession opportunity. These topic-based exploratory experiences are offered by distinguished faculty in a setting outside of the classroom and allow students to either explore academic areas previously not considered or delve into their discipline of choice.

Lawyers as Agents of Social Change, Extension Learning Experience

August 8 - August 15, 2015, Chautauqua Institute

Participants will explore the role of lawyers as counselors and agents of social change in local, national, and global contexts. Our focus will be on both the socio-historical context of the Nuremberg Trials and current legal issues. Students will observe court proceedings, dissect primary legal documents, and read context narratives to prepare them for their experiential learning modules. We will explore how different communities and belief systems influence laws and legal institutions. We will also take time to recognize the achievements and impact of Justice Jackson, a local lawyer who became a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, on the national and global scale and discuss how each person has the ability to advocate for, and participate in, social change.

Excursions Include

  • The Chautauqua Institute lectures on the state of our criminal justice system — what works, what doesn’t, how effective it is, and how it compares to others around the world.
  • Tour of the Robert Jackson Center: learn about Justice Jackson, an upstate New York lawyer who rose to prominence as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and served as the Chief Counsel for the U.S. at the first Nuremberg Trial in 1945 and 1946.
  • Tour of the NYS Supreme Court courthouse located in Chautauqua, New York, where participants will observe court proceedings, interact with court personnel, and discuss the roles and duties of different actors in the judicial process.

Why Should You Participate

  • Opportunities to gain an understanding of the role jurists, practitioners, and support staff play in local, national, and global forums.
  • Identify and describe how local, national, and international laws are influenced by different communities and belief sets.
  • Develop an understanding of the role of the United States in the wider global community and the ability to critically evaluate legal issues and assess potential outcomes.
  • Gain 1 academic credit for experience

More information regarding cost and registration will be posted in coming weeks. For pressing questions, please contact our office at 716-645-8177 or email any questions to

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