Seminar Experience

Students are highly encouraged to select an Academies affiliated UB Seminar. The UB Seminar is the entryway to your UB education. These are “big ideas” courses taught by our most distinguished faculty in small seminar settings.

Academies seminars are taught by our Academic Directors and distinguished UB faculty to provide students with mentored opportunities to explore ideas and issues in and outside the classroom. This is a great way to get to know faculty on campus and start building friendships with students who share similar interests.

Course information can be found below, but students should apply to the Academies to be enrolled in a seminar. Questions can be directed to the Academies at 716-645-8177 or via email at

Global Perspectives #1

  • Course #: MGO 199: How Entrepreneurs Use Creativity to Improve the World
  • Instructor: Professor Robert Neubert
  • Time:Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1–1:50 a.m.

This course explores techniques used by entrepreneurs to evaluate and expand the creative thought process of individuals, teams, and organizations. Entrepreneurs apply creative thoughts processes to bring unique ideas to fruition. Entrepreneurship is needed in businesses that are designed to commercialize innovations, but it is equally important in all endeavors that depend upon innovative thinking to address and solve difficult problems. Entrepreneurs apply creativity to generate unique innovative solutions. These innovations necessitate looking at the world with a fresh perspective, and involve challenging assumptions, reframing situations, and connecting ideas from disparate disciplines. Creative thought results from the interplay between the student's internal world and the external environment. Using the course's entrepreneurial and creativity enhancement techniques, student will improve their ability to see innovation opportunities and to creatively solve challenges of all sizes. We will explore how entrepreneurs use creativity enhancement tools to move from dreams to actions and how entrepreneurs enhance society by commercializing innovations.

Global Perspectives #2

  • Course #: CL 199: Persuasion
  • Instructor:Professor John Dugan
  • Time: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11–11:50 a.m.

The goal of communication, when not simply to inform, is to persuade. This is true in every medium, from text messages to presentations and papers. The truth, or our version of it, rarely wins people over on its own. Making something clear and understandable is one essential first step. But there are a variety of techniques, some dating back thousands of years to the ancient Greek sophists, that we can use to make our ideas more persuasive. This course offers an introduction to the craft of persuasion, with lessons students can use throughout their academic careers and onward beyond graduation.

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