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Global Scholars Program

UB’s Global Scholars Program brings the global community to UB and immerses UB students in the global community. As Global Scholars, students can demonstrate their commitment to international and global concerns through participation in a range of curricular and extra-curricular experiences — in Buffalo and around the world: Travel with Professor Irlam to Senegal and South Africa (and a safari in Namibia!), or with the Professor McGuire to explore the antiquities of Italy. Help to shape the dynamic and vibrant offerings of UB’s International Education week, with its screenings and performances and featured lecturers from around the world. Make a difference in the lives of some of Buffalo’s newest immigrant residents.

How do you become a Global Scholar? Admission is open to all UB undergraduates in good academic standing. Once you apply through UB Linked, you can join right in — to a wide variety of activities that explore a range of diverse perspectives and cultural traditions. The program demands both curricular and co-curricular activities, so you can quickly expand your horizons: studying abroad; learning a foreign language; volunteering with an international organization. We will help YOU enhance your global competency while developing critical thinking and reflective skills — skills essential for engaged, effective citizenship in today’s diverse and interconnected world.

Students must complete BOTH academic coursework AND co-curricular elements:

Academic coursework must include a minimum of 12 credits earned in approved courses. These credits might also involve:

  • A major or minor course of study in a number of globally oriented disciplines
  • Any academic credits earned abroad, in any subject, can count toward the academic coursework
  • A credit-bearing, pre-approved internship with an international or cross-cultural focus

Co-curricular elements might be drawn from:

  • International service or volunteer experience
  • International programs offered by Career Services, Study Abroad, International Student Scholar Services, etc.
  • Active membership in a campus cultural organization
  • Leadership in an international event on campus through a UB cultural organization
  • Local service experience in a pre-approved community agency with an international or cross-cultural focus
  • Attendance at international public events on campus (lectures, concerts, films, etc.)

Students who complete the Global Scholars program of study will receive recognition through a credentialing notation entered prominently on their official university transcript. An enhanced notation will be awarded to students who pursue language study beyond their general education requirement.

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