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Civic Engagement Academy

The Civic Engagement Academy’s mission is to create a campus community linked by our interest in being informed, active and skilled citizens committed to serving the public good. If you believe that what we do matters, we welcome you to the Civic Engagement Academy.

The goal of Civic Engagement is to make practical contributions to the growth and development of a community, and to serve the “public good.” This includes “community service” and “service learning.” Under the direction of Academic Director, Barbara Bono, Associate Professor of English in the English Department, students:

  • Link coursework to practical, concrete experiences which improves their community (making learning “real”)
  • Develop a personal philosophy of civic engagement and leadership through critical thinking about social issues, reflection and practice
  • Analyze different modes of leadership
  • Understand how relationships and power related to class, race and gender, shape perspectives and strategies within agencies and organizations
  • Embrace opportunities and methods for self-reflection
  • Improve abilities to work with diverse groups and individuals
  • Understand how research universities contribute to community improvement

Last updated: August 26, 2015 5:59 am EST