Academies Honor Code

In the spring of 2011, several Academies students set out to create a document that communicated the expectations for a standard of behavior that all members of the community should uphold. The Honor Code was the result of this endeavor. This Code is presented to new Academies students at the start of each year. This student-driven initiative serves as a reminder that there is an expectation to represent oneself and the Academies living and learning community well. Academies students created this video sharing their honor code.

Academies Honor Code

The Academies provide students with a distinctive and comprehensive undergraduate experience. Combining education with experiential learning, students gain skills through seminars and networking with faculty outside of the classroom setting. The Academies is fully committed to enhancing the undergraduate experience through personal and intellectual development.

We expect our students to maintain the community standards of conduct set forth in this statement. It is each student’s responsibility to contribute to an environment of trust that protects the freedom to exchange ideas and to grow. Only in such trust and freedom will it be possible for students to live together and learn from one another.

Honor is about moral and ethical conduct and pride of membership in a community that values academic achievement and individual responsibility. Cultivating honor lays the foundation for lifelong integrity, developing in each of us the courage and insight to make difficult choices and accept responsibility for actions and their consequences, even at personal cost.

Academies students pledge to:

  • Strive to create a welcoming and supportive climate where all people are respected and free to express a variety of ideals and opinions;
  • Respect fellow students, faculty, staff and university property;
  • Foster diversity by promoting an inclusive environment that welcomes all, regardless of race, gender, color, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin; and strive to learn from the differences in people, ideas and opinions;
  • Maintain individual and group integrity;
  • Behave as a respectful and supportive community member that follows the standards set forth by the Undergraduate Academies and the university at large.

By upholding these standards, Academies students can create a living and learning environment conducive to development and growth on a personal, academic and organizational level.

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