Frequently Asked Questions

Academy FAQ Sections:

General Participation

Can I participate in the Academies?

The Academies are open to all undergraduate students at the University at Buffalo.

Are there any requirements I must meet to participate in the Academies?

There are no requirements for students to participate in the Academies. We do hope that you have an interest in one of the themed Academies, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, global perspectives, research exploration, or sustainability.

Do I have to pay any additional fees to participate in the Academies?

There are no additional fees associated with your participation in the Academies.

Will the Academies program constrain my other academics?

No. The Academies are meant to be a very flexible program for students. The level of involvement is really up to you. The Academies are meant to enhance what you are currently studying in your academic major and are not meant to burden your undergraduate studies; they complement your studies.

If I participate in the Academies will I have enough time to do other on-campus activities?

Yes. The Academies are not meant to be an encumbering experience, but rather they are meant to enhance your current academic experience. The Academies work with many different departments on-campus in order to provide you the opportunity to take part in a variety of different on-campus activities.

Can I participate in the Academies if I am part of a different living and learning community? (e.g. Honors, Leadership House)

If you are currently participating in a different living-learning community, you still have the ability to participate in the Academies. We understand that some students are already committed to other living arrangements and we do not want those commitments to keep you from participating in our program. You may participate by attending different events or by enrolling in one of the Academy seminars.

Can I participate in more than one Academy?

You will need to decide which Academy seminar you will take. However you may participate in any extracurricular activity that interests you regardless of which Academy is hosting it.

Does the Academy experience last beyond the freshman year?

Yes, during your first year we would begin helping you to map out your course and activity goals for years 2, 3, and 4.

What is the time commitment for participating in an Academy?

Your level of participation in extracurricular activities will vary depending on your level of commitment to the Academy. One of the benefits of participating in an Academy is that you have the flexibility to participate to varying degrees. Depending on your schedule your participation may vary from semester to semester. Your Academy experience should be a complement to your academic work.

What will I get out of being in an Academy?

Beyond the opportunity to earn college credits in seminar courses, there are three most noteworthy outcomes:

  • a chance to engage in a topic which integrates aspects of various subjects you might study at UB
  • guidance in integrating what you learn in your classes with what you experience in the real world
  • a chance to build your faculty network in a casual and comfortable environment

And, in general, research tells us that students who can fill these felt needs are more integrated in the life of the university and are, generally, more satisfied with and successful in their university studies.

How do I determine which Academy is best for me?

You may find that you are interested in all five Academies and are having trouble choosing which one you would like to fully engage in. If you are having trouble deciding which Academy is best for you, please feel free to contact an Academies staff member who will be able to assist you in selecting which Academy will best meet your needs.

How do I know if the Academies are right for me?

The Academies are right for you if:

  1. You want to be actively involved in your learning (going beyond class assignments and making real world connections to the material)
  2. You have an interest in one or more of our Academy themes
  3. You like to have discussions with your peers about ideas, issues, and topics from your classes
  4. You want to have discussions with faculty, scholars, and actively involved members of the campus community about their projects and experiences
  5. You want to enhance your academic major to experience a variety of perspectives in order to enrich your program
  6. You have a sense of intellectual curiosity and desire to learn

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Residential Community

How do I become involved in the Academy residential community?

Students interested in living in the Academies’ residential community should complete the Academies’ application and must have an application and deposit submitted to University Residence Halls & Apartments by May 1st.

Where is the residential community located for the Academies?

Our freshmen living community, located in the Lehman Hall, Governors Complex on North Campus, is an integrated dorm. Freshmen residing in the Academies Residential Community attend activities and events specifically designed to enhance the community. Space is limited to approximately 170 students. The Academies also hosts a Shared Interest Housing (SIH) Community that provides sophomore students an opportunity to build on their first year Academies’ residential community experience. SIH is in Greiner Hall, an exclusively sophomore building on UB’s North Campus.

How is the Academy residential community different from other on-campus accommodations?

Living on an Academy residential community gives you the opportunity to live among other students who are also interested in civic engagement, research exploration, global perspectives, entrepreneurship or sustainability. You have the advantage of being involved in different events that will take place during the academic year in the residence hall. The residential community also has a lounge for Academy students to study or hang out together. The lounge is equipped with a refrigerator and will be used for formal and informal lunches and/or dinners with Academies faculty.

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Seminar Courses

How do I become involved in the Academy seminars?

Students interested in enrolling in an Academy course should complete the Academies’ application. Contact us for more information.

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Events and Activities

What type of events can I expect to attend?

There will be a number of lectures, workshops, fieldtrips and on-campus activities that will take place for you to attend in conjunction with many other on-campus departments.

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