Students and volunteers with the Acadmies.

Living and Learning at UB

What are the Academies?

The Academies are a close-knit group on campus that allows you to connect with faculty, staff and other students over common interests in our themes of Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Global Perspectives, Research Exploration and Sustainability.

Who Should Get Involved?

YOU! All undergraduate students from any major are invited to join in the Academies. Both commuters and residents alike can benefit from our educational seminar courses, workshops, service trips and community building activities designed to help you foster and deepen new friendships.

Living on Campus?

Join the Academies living community located in Lehman Hall, Governor’s Complex on UB’s North Campus. Live with other Academies students and gain a strong connection to the community right from day one! Even invite a friend to be a fellow academies student as a hall/roommate. Be a part of the unique opportunities, programs and experiences offered to students within our living community.

Planning to Commute?

Join the Academies and take advantage of special programs and opportunities that will allow you to gain a close connection with the UB campus, city of Buffalo, distinguished faculty and other students. Utilize and get the opportunity to spend time in the Academies lounge at 17 Norton Where you can chat with friends, study, enjoy a snack and relax.

What is The Academies Seminar Course?

Whether you are commuting or living on campus, we encourage you to take our Academies seminar course. Through this introductory course you will get an overview of each of our five Academy themes and will be taught by all five of our faculty Academic Directors. This is a great way to get to know faculty on campus and start building friendships with students who share similar interests.

Join Today!

Let the Academies be your home away from home and become a part of our tight-knit community. Submit an application today!

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